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current name list!

• rowan
• arsène
• mister flowers

if a name is listed here, i'd love it if you called me by it! this list is always subject to change. :)

general info!

hello! i'm rowan! i'm 18, and my pronouns are he/him exclusively. it's nice to meet you! i draw cartoons - and anything that i draw is okay for you to use for whatever purpose you wish, since i don't take commissions! also, i draw at my own pace!

see you, space cowboy!


• 13/5/23 - new art in the gallery! 👨‍🎨
• 8/6/23 - new art in the gallery
• 27/6/23 - new art in the gallery

chat with me!

i will eventually see your comment! be patient with me!
also, comments will be moderated. this is my personal space! thanks for understanding :)